Our Lovely Story

It all began when I learned crochet from my grandmother. She was a master crocheter, and had been creating beautiful and intricate pieces for as long as I could remember. I was always fascinated by the delicate patterns and intricate designs that she created, and I knew that I wanted to learn how to do it myself.
My grandmother was more than happy to teach me, and I spent many hours sitting by her side as she showed me the basics of crochet. She taught me how to hold the hook, how to work different stitches, and how to read patterns.
With time, I began to get the hang of it and my skills improved. I started to experiment with different patterns and yarns, and soon I was creating beautiful pieces just like my grandmother.
My grandmother passed away a few years ago, but I will always be grateful to her for introducing me to the wonderful world of crochet. And I will always cherish the memories of the hours we spent together, working on our projects and sharing our love for this craft.
I'm determined to keep my grandmother's legacy alive by sharing my love for crochet with others. I started O’Crochet to write patterns, designing new and unique pieces that incorporate the traditional techniques my grandmother taught me.